The Heart Care Foundation (HCF), Comilla, Bangladesh [Member of the World Heart Federation (WHF)] was formed on 1st September 2004 with the objectives of Cardiac care, prevention, research, and rehabilitation.

Now a day the main reason for death and disabilities is CVD. CVD will cross over the boundary of developed countries and will be the main cause of death all over the world.

So, in order to eliminate this dreadful disease the HCF, Comilla, Bangladesh will implement the following main mission & objectives.

The ‘HCF, Comilla, Bangladesh’ is a nonprofit and nonpolitical voluntary organization. The dearth of research works about Coronary Artery Diseases in Bangladesh. Heart Disease affects not only the aged people but it can affect people of any age and sex irrespective of the economic condition of the people. That’s why it’s regarded as the major health problem of the 21st century. For these reasons, the mission of our organization is “Healthy Heart for A Long Active Life”. To achieve this mission Heart Care Foundation Comilla sets 4 (Four) objectives and these are Cardiac Care, Prevention, Rehabilitation, and Research.



  • Cardiac Care: By providing quality treatment initially through ‘Free Heart camps’ and then outdoor service by establishing a Heart Care Center at a low cost to the patients.


  • Cardiac Prevention: People will be made aware of CAD prevention through seminars, symposiums, short films, Bill Board, and publications (Posters, Leaflets, newsletters, Booklets and books, etc.). Establish an Institute of Preventive Cardiology.

Body And Soul Cannot Be Separated For Purposes Of Treatment, For They Are One And Indivisible. Sick Minds Must Be Healed As Well As Sick Bodies.
~ C. Jeff Miller

We care about your HEART, We care about your LIFE


  • Cardiac Rehabilitation: Various projects will be undertaken for the mental and physical rehabilitation of patients who suffered from Coronary Artery Diseases and Strokes or underwent Heart Operations. Establish a Rehabilitation center.


  • Cardiac Research: Various research projects will be undertaken to collect data on cardiac patients to develop a data bank initially locally and then nationally.

Heart Care Foundation

The Heart Care Foundation, Comilla, Bangladesh. helps people to achieve a longer and better life through the prevention and control of heart disease and stroke, with a focus on our locality and the rural areas of our Country.

Our partners are from all over the world